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Microblading Eyebrow TATtOO Training COURSE

Welcome to Apsara’s permanent makeup training portal! The course that we offer is one of the best in the UK. The Apsara’s semi-permanent makeup course is unique because it’s comprehensive, and covers several permanent makeup techniques such as lip blush tattoo, microblading, and eyebrow tattoo training.

If you’re looking for a UK permanent makeup training academy that will help you kickstart your career as an ombré brow artist, you’ve come to the right place!

What happens during a permanent makeup course?

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Day 1

Day 1: This is a theory day. By the end of day 1, you should know everything about tattooing eyebrows.

Day 2: This is the practical day of the course. You will start tattooing the eyebrows models.

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    Why choose a career as a brow ombre technician? 

    Brow ombre makeup artists are highly in demand for a variety of reasons. First, the powdered and subtle look of ombré brows is sought after by many women. Additionally, many of the women who draw on or fill their eyebrows every morning turn to the ombré brows technique to save time.

    Last but not least, no prior knowledge or experience is needed to start your career as a brow ombre technician. Whether you’re looking for a new career path or just an extra income source, a career as an ombré brow specialist is a great choice. The minimal investment and the infinite future opportunities make ombré brows an excellent career opportunity.

    Ombre brow Training Course FaQs

    Ombré brow, also called powdered brows, is a permanent makeup technique that improves the appearance of the eyebrows. With the help of a small machine, an ombré brow technician deposits permanent makeup pigments onto the brows, creating a powdered effect. Ombré brows is a great procedure for women who shade their eyebrows every day with powder or pencils, and those with contraindications to microblading. With proper care and the right technique, ombré brows can last up to 5 years.
    Ombré brows and microblading are both permanent makeup techniques that improve the appearance of the eyebrows. Microblading creates the appearance of fine eyebrow hairs by depositing permanent makeup pigments on the eyebrows with a needle. Ombré brows on the other hand is a shading technique that gives the eyebrows more of a powdered look. These two semi-permanent makeup techniques also differ in their results. Microblading usually lasts up to a year and a half, whereas ombré brows can last up to 5 years. Ombré brows technique is also superior to microblading because it can be performed on all skin types, while microblading can’t be done on oily and combination skin. Furthermore, the ombré brows technique is a minimally invasive permanent makeup procedure, that isn’t as painful as microblading.
    The permanent makeup course offered by the Apsara academy is the best you can find in the UK because of a variety of reasons. Our trainees benefit from theoretical courses as well as practical hands-on training. Our course is comprehensive and covers the most popular permanent makeup techniques to help you become a successful permanent makeup artist. Additionally, our trainees are trained in the Purebeau method, which is a prestigious method renowned worldwide for its quality, high standards and excellent results. Last but not least, our training is intensive and lasts for 3 days, with a one on one setting to maximize learning.
    The Apsara ombré brow training covers all the essential aspects of the ombré brows permanent technique. The curriculum for ombré brows training includes the following lessons: - Permanent makeup basics. - Skin structure and basic skin anatomy. - Hygiene and safety essentials. - Outlining, shaping the brows and mapping the face. - Color theory. - Correcting old permanent makeup. - Caring for the ombré brow machine. - Ombré brows techniques and tips. - Healing and aftercare.
    We are available in our office in Liverpool, but the Apsara permanent make-up training can be taken anywhere across the UK.

    Whether you have made up your mind or you still have some questions that need to be answered, you can contact us now and get a step closer to a new and better life where you’re more financially abundant and professionally fulfilled. 

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