Semi Permanent Makeup Liverpool

Semi Permanent Makeup Liverpool: Permanent Eyebrows & Lips

Welcome to the best permanent makeup treatment in Liverpool! Whether you want blushed lips, ombré, or micro-bladed brows, you have come to the right place! The Apsara semi-permanent makeup clinic in Liverpool will help you get the look of your dreams.

Eyebrow Contour Prices

Eyebrow TreatmentPrice
Hair Stroke or Powdered£180

Lip Contour Prices

Lip Contour TreatmentPrice
Lip Liner and Small Blush£180
Lip Liner with Full Blush£300

Eyeliner/Eyelash Enhancement Prices

Eyeliner and Eyelash TreatmentPrice
Top Liner£180
Bottom Liner£150
Beauty Spot£50
Scalp Pigmentation£150
Removal and Correction£80


Colour Boost£85

Please note: If failing to have a top-up within 18 months, the treatment returns to full price.

All prices are excluding top-up 6-12 weeks later, if needed will incur charge of £85

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    Why our choose our Semi Permanent Makeup Clinic?

    Permanent makeup is the latest trend in the beauty industry. If you’re looking to pamper yourself, your best bet is to choose the Apsara permanent makeup clinic.

    Located in Liverpool, we offer the best permanent make-up procedures. Our clients are extremely satisfied with our work. Not only do they keep coming back, but they also recommend us to their friends and family.

    The Apsara makeup clinic artists are highly skilled. They are trained in the prestigious Purebeau method, which is renowned worldwide for its excellence.

    Additionally, Apsara is also a permanent makeup academy. We teach aspiring permanent makeup artists everything they need to become successful permanent makeup technicians. We offer microblading training, lib blush courses, and ombré brows training in Liverpool.

    What is permanent makeup?

    Permanent or semi-permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that consists in injecting makeup pigments into the superficial layer of the skin. Also called cosmetic tattooing, this treatment allows the makeup particles to stay on the skin for a long time.

    There are several types of permanent makeup procedures. The most popular semi-permanent makeup treatments today include lip blushing, ombré brows technique, and microblading.

    Semi Permanent Tattoo Treatment FaQs

    If you’re pregnant, suffer from allergies or other chronic diseases, it’s best to consult with a doctor before getting this treatment, just to be safe. But all in all, permanent makeup treatments are completely safe and don’t have any side effects. Additionally, make sure to choose a highly qualified and experienced permanent makeup artist who will make your overall experience safer, will respect hygiene rules, and who will always put your health and wellbeing first.
    Depending on the type of procedure, permanent makeup treatment can last approximately: - Microblading: up to 2 years. - Blushed lips: up to 3 years. - Ombré brows: Up to 5 years. These are of course only approximations and will differ depending on various factors such as the makeup artist’s skill level, and the client’s aftercare habits.
    First, your permanent makeup technician will take some time to get to know you and make sure they understand what you want. Next, they will proceed to study your facial features and decide on the outlines and colors they’re going to use. Before beginning the actual procedure, the permanent makeup technician will make sure to disinfect your face, their equipment and to use a clean pair of gloves. At the end of the procedure, they will clean you up, give you any aftercare directions, and they might invite you for a follow-up appointment depending on the type of procedure you got.