Becoming a permanent makeup artist

How To Become a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist

Being a semi permanent makeup Artist for over 15 years, I know everything there is to know when it comes to semi permanent makeup and microblading. This article will give you an insight of what it takes to have this kind of career.

I started from my semi permanent makeup clinic in Liverpool, and I’ve been on an amazing journey since. It’s one of the most rewarding careers out there and I want to share that with women across the UK!

Not to mention the fact you are your own boss! 

How much can I earn as a permanent makeup artist?

Once you graduate from the semi permanent makeup training course, you will have to build up your experience for a lower cost  than experienced artists.

Generally for the first treatment, you can charge anything around the £100 range, but this all depends how much business there is in your area. 

The point is… 

You can continually grow your business on a weekly basis Get more clients, open your own salon ect. My business is always expanding. When you work for yourself, the sky is the limit for opportunities.

What Happens in the training course? 

A brief outline of the course structure

. Basic makeup artist skills

. Strong ability to identify perfect contours

. Hygiene and Dermatology

. Techniques for ideal treatment processes

. Equipment techniques

. Colour theory and how to use colours

. Corrections and professional removal of colour inconsistency and incorrectly positioned permanent make-up

 . Extensive hands-on experience; the skills learned are practiced on models provided as part of the course

Tailormade Courses also avaliable…..

There are also follow up courses. These include training for professionals, seminars for trainers, a retraining course and courses about professional medical pigmenting.

How do I start my career in permanent makeup?

If you are serious about starting a career in semi-permanent makeup. Please do call 07875 287 061 or email:

Still not sure? Here is a little more information about myself: 

“I have been a Semi Permanent Makeup artist for over twelve years. I have created many sets of the most wonderful eyebrows, eyeliners and lips imaginable. I am also medical trained specialising in Scalp pigmentation. I create flawless eyebrow perfection with individual three-dimensional hair stimulation technique and also the latest technique ‘The Ombre Brow’, and with the latest techniques permanent lip liner and blush is the perfect treatment if you want to emphasise your lips size and balance.

I am also an official UK Distributor and Master Trainer for German brand Purebeau. PureBeau New Cosmetics are one of the leading Semi Permanent Make Up brands in the world.

My training academy is based in St Helens, Merseyside where i also carry out treatments. I am also a resident at The Secret Warehouse near the Liverpool Docklands. Most SPMU Masters never get the chance to integrate as we usually keep a respectful distance to ensure our business succeeds but at The Secret Warehouse we integrate, thrive, and drive each other along with all my students I train giving them as much support as I possible as they enter the world of Permanent Cosmetics.

I strive to offer the best service and training possible and give every client and student all my attention and care possible ensuring they leave my clinic satisfied with the whole experience.”