Lip Blush Training

Permanent Lip Blush Training Course

Welcome to Apsara’s permanent makeup training portal. If you’re interested in learning more about the lip blushing permanent makeup technique, you’ve come to the right place. Apsara is a UK permanent makeup training academy that provides courses covering ombré training, microblading tattoo training, and lip blushing. Keep reading to know more about lip blushing and the lip blushing training provided by Apsara permanent makeup academy. You may not know it, but this could be the start of your career as a successful permanent makeup artist!

What happens during a permanent makeup course?

Get in Touch: Contact us asking for our lip blush course and we’ll arrange your training dates.

Day 1

Day 1: This is your theory day. You’ll learn everything there is to know about tattooing the perfect lip blush.

Day 2: This is your practical day. You’ll be tattooing the lips of a 2-3 models.



    Why become a lip blushing artist?

    In the last decade, full and luscious lips have become the goal of almost every woman. While the initial trend was using lip fillers, many women are now turning to lip blushing instead because it gives a more natural result. Furthermore, lip filler injections need to be renewed every 6 months, whereas lip blushing treatments can last up to 4 years.

    Last but not least, while lip fillers improve the shape of the lips, they don’t influence their color, and as a result, women still need to apply lipstick to their lips. Lip blushing, on the other hand, is a complete procedure that not only improves the shape of the lips but also their color, giving you attractive and sensual lips with minimal effort.

    Lip blushing is the latest trend in cosmetic enhancing procedures for the lips, and it’s only expected to become more and more popular as time goes by.

    Becoming a lip blushing artist is a great idea whether you’re on the search of a new career path or just a side job for extra income every month.

    How to get started? 

    The first step is always the hardest! Whether you’ve made up your mind on becoming a lip-blushing artist or you still have some questions you’d like us to answer, contact us today!

    The Apsara makeup academy is always available to guide, mentor, and advise new students. All questions are welcome, and we’ll be extremely happy to assist you in any way we can.

    Lip Tattoo Training Course FaQs

    Lip blushing, also called lip tattooing or permanent lip makeup, is a semi-permanent makeup technique that consists in injecting pigments of permanent makeup into the lips using needles. This improves the color and shape of the lips, allowing them to appear younger, fuller, and more attractive. Lip blushing results can last anywhere between 2 to 4 years, depending on the aftercare.
    Lip blushing is a relatively new permanent makeup technique that’s become popular for many reasons. Lip blushing can be a more natural-looking alternative to lip fillers if you’re looking for fuller lips. Additionally, lip blushing gives the lips a beautiful color and shape, allowing you to stop spending time carefully lining the lips with liners and lipsticks. Additionally, lipsticks and other lip products may contain harmful ingredients that can easily be ingested, and as a result, getting the lips blushed can be a safer alternative to using lip products.
    The permanent makeup training provided by the Apsara academy is the best in its genre for many reasons. Our unique curriculum covers the most popular and sought-after permanent makeup techniques, such as eyebrow tattooing, ombré brows, and lip blushing. We also offer theoretical courses in addition to practical lessons to ensure the excellence of our trainees. Last but not least, our students are trained in the famous Purebeau method, and taking our training will allow them to become a part of a highly skilled and prestigious lineage of permanent makeup artists that are respected worldwide.
    Our intensive permanent makeup course lasts for 3 days and is conducted on a one-to-one basis to ensure maximum learning. The topics of the lip blushing course include: - Lip structure and basic anatomy. - Health, hygiene, and safety rules. - Color theory and choices. - Needle variations and results. - Outlining and shaping the lips. - Proper aftercare advice. - Touch-ups and follow-up treatments.
    Our clinic is located in Liverpool, but our courses can be taught anywhere across the UK.