Learn Permanent Makeup Online: Free Training and guidance resource by apsara

A collection of permanent makeup resources and guides for both clients and people looking to start a career in permanent makeup. All resources are designed to be read in order.

for clients

  1. What is Permanent Makeup?
  2. Permanent Makeup Aftercare
  3. How Long Permanent Makeup Lasts
  4. Is Permanent Makeup Painful?
  5. Removing Permanent Makeup Safely
  6. The Difference between Permanent Makeup and Microblading

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for starting a career

  1. How To Become A Permanent Makeup Artist In the UK

If you’re looking to start a career in permanent makeup, we run an accredited permanent makeup training academy. You can learn more about this on our homepage or by clicking the link.

Apsara Semi Permanent Makeup Training