Why Every Women Needs Semi-Permanent Makeup

Well, Why do you need it?

Here is a scenario(that all girls are familiar with) you’ve got a night out with the squad and you need to look amazing. 


Lets assume you spend all the time putting your makeup, eyeliner and picking your dress. Well, guess what? 

Your eyebrows look awful,what a nightmare!


Well, you’ve only got 5 minutes what do you?

Do you leave them anyway?


Do you spend 5 minutes rushing them with a huge risk of them looking even worse?




Ultimately, Time is money.

Semi-permanent make-up may seem expensive short-term, but you may be saving yourself a lot of effort in the long run. 

Not to mention how natural they look regardless so why not?

Check our FAQ if you’re really unsure.


Where can I get them!?

Apsara Cosmetics is the most reliable and loved permanent makeup salon in Liverpool!

Don’t believe me? Check our Facebook and Google reviews

“I have been a Semi Permanent Makeup artist for over twelve years. I have created many sets of the most wonderful eyebrows, eyeliners and lips imaginable. I am also medical trained specialising in Scalp pigmentation. I create flawless eyebrow perfection with individual three-dimensional hair stimulation technique and also the latest technique ‘The Ombre Brow’, and with the latest techniques permanent lip liner and blush is the perfect treatment if you want to emphasise your lips size and balance.”

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