The Truth About Scousebrows In Liverpool

What Exactly Are ‘Scousebrows’

According to Urban Dictionary scousebrows are “When the eyebrows are very heavily drawn in with a black eye pencil, giving the appearance of two small furry animals crawling across the forehead. 
Favoured by Scouse WAGS and wannabes

Ultimately leading to an undesirable look that has a lot of negative connotations from the general public.

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 It is common in Liverpool? 

Absolutely not!

Another stereotype that does not apply. This misconception came from TV show Desperate Scousewives, and since the trend has kind of made a name for itself among the fellow Liverpudlian population.

This photos is taken from the first episode of Desperate Scousewives, where one of the ‘wives, Jodie, gave a model a Scouse-siliceous makeover:



Semi-Permanent Makeup and Scousebrows

Just to be completely clear semi-permanent makeup is in no way affiliated with the style of scousebrows!

The look can be tailor made for anybody’s needs and does not look anything like ‘2 furry animals’ It can look very natural as shown in the example below;


Check my Instagram for examples! 

You can also take a look for yourself in our gallery page. 

Still not sure? 

It’s perfectly understandable, I highly recommend you check out our reviews, gallery and social media pages.

The results speak for themselves. There is a style for everybody and if you want to feel fabulous , why not feel that way permanently? 

For most of my clients, it’s a no brainer! 

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Have a beautiful day! 

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