How Feeling Beautiful Affects Your Health.

The Truth

At the end of the day, we all just want feel good about our-selves. More specifically, we want to feel absolutely beautiful!


I feel like people sometimes do not realize just how important feeling good is. It’s not just what other people think of you, it’s what you think of yourself.

The Science 

 OK, so I understand science can be a little bit boring


    So I am going to make it more interesting. 

 It’s payday and you’ve bought some new clobber from that shopping haul with the girls. 

In a nutshell, you know you’re going to look good but you just don’t know when you get flash your cash…

 So at this point, you feel pretty good and your body releases some ‘feelgood’ chemicals. One of which is called an ‘Endorphin‘. 


Did you know: 40% of you happiness is controlled by your thoughts, actions and behaviors. 10% is your circumstance and the rest is your genetics.

 So continuing our story… 

. It’s 10 pm on a Saturday, you really want to go out but have heard nothing from the girls. You’re pretty positive everybody is in work. Nobody is replying in the group chat.


  *Ping* Jessica replies in the group chat. She just got out of work and it’s on.


 You feel the excitement coursing through your body. You put your dress on, sort your makeup out and get mentally prepared and you feel beautiful! 

(These are your feelgood chemicals doing there is job)

 Overall, you just feel great and you don’t care what anyone else thinks. Your body releases all four primary happy chemicals: Dopamine, Oxycontin, Serotonin and Endorphin. 

You go out, have a great night and everything is perfect!

The reality. 

Well, honestly…

The things that I just used as example are only short-term happiness. Plus, you’re going to suffer a terrible hangover. 

But the good thing is

 Being active and enjoying life will positively affect your mental health. More so, if you’ve had a tough week in work. You also don’t need to get drunk every time you go out. 


So It’s good to make time for your friends/family ! 

People who work full-time will experience the most happiness on days when they spend 8-9 hours with friends and family. Happiness is a skill in my eyes!

Happiness is not the final destination, it’s the journey.


The results of Happiness(Long-Term)

1. The Law of Attraction 

Happiness is not just about you. If changes your perspective on life and more opportunities will just your way. (100%) 

2.Live longer.

Yep, you heard that right. You can increase your lifespan by just… being happy.  

3.Lower rates of cardiovascular disease 

Who doesn’t want to decrease that?

4.Stronger immune system

No more morning flu.

5.More likely to have a healthy diet

Motivated will eat well. 

The list goes on.

6. More productive

If you’re happy, you are much more likely work harder in work instead of being miserable. 

7. Better relationships

People are more likely to want to speak to you if you’re a happy individual. It’s simple really.

8. Are more creative problem solvers.

Your inner genius comes out when you’re happy

9. More grateful

Not taking things for granted because why would you? 

10.More generous

You are much more likely to give to others and charity under a happy state of mind. 

Want a short burst of happiness right now?

Watch this video below and we promise you will smile! 

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